Bible Verses, Pink Walls, and Football

I am from peacefulness mixed with the sound of the washer,

the steady stream of water from the kitchen for washing dishes.

The smell of grass, cow manure and skunk fills the outside.

Inside smells like vanilla candles, dinner for the day, and soap.


I’m from Saturday’s and Sunday’s during the fall dedicated to

college football, Roll Tide and the NFL ‘how ‘bout them Cowboys?’

When football is not on crime shows are heard from the living room,

or my brother playing video games in his bedroom


I am from supportive parents who raised me

my mother never failing to say to me,

‘Positive thoughts’ when anything isn’t going right

Bible stories and verses can be quoted better than formulas or history facts.


Coming home from school everyday and smelling the amazing food

cooked by my dad who was in the kitchen jamming to music

with his headphones on like a teenager but the food is unbelievable,

me and brother will always fight over leftovers for the next day


After a long day the pink walls and matching carpet are my escape,

the very untasteful walls filled with pictures of me and friends

and my closet filled with Zac Efron posters

This little room in the  house on Casey Court is my childhood


This poem is about: 
My family
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