Our leader nested in a cage.
Error evoked from their brain, thinking its time for a new page.
A new page of dominance, as to confiscate the minds of my peoples past.
Nevertheless, we will never be the last.
Our hero, Ojukwu, saw the future.
But the thieves, so myopic the looked it down-upon.
Now they see what the future holds.
Poverty and conflict yet to unfold.
Some few months ago, was time of rampage.
The mind of the Biafran protesters filled with rage.
Caused because of the arrest of our leader.
Stories of the new Biafra, filled the whole media.
Now, this moments are like monuments of the past.
Which are either destroyed or removed.
Or stand there for ages untouched.
Our minds still flash-back to those very days of our past.
During the war.
A nation renowned for impressive inventions from crude materials.
Ammunitions invented by us due to the thieves blast.
Though after the war we lost, but we are still steadfast.
Steadfast love to await the new entry.
The finale entry of the land rebirth.
With hope, the land was brought forth some years ago.
But it's bringing forth didn't just come.
It came with war and agony.
Reducing peace and harmony.
Now there is a rebirth.
A rebirth in the minds of my people.
A rebirth yet to be actualized.
The pursued our liquid-gold like lions feeding on prey.
Forcefully, they forced us to pray.
To pray for Biafra(rebirth) .
Now our God, has answered our prayer for freedom.
In our minds we are happy for the future-come.


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