Beyond The Ocean

Sat, 01/21/2017 - 12:34 -- Rosecky


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The ocean is tricky, and messy, and vast. 

The ocean has no idea of the past, 

the ocean can be cruel in this way; 

it'll never remember the words that you say

the things that hurt you, your aspirations, your fears; 

never tell the ocean things you need someone to hear.

I asked the ocean if my family would come home 

but all I was given was mere sea foam

sea foam on a horizon that is so far away 

sea foam that I knew I must obey. 


Here I stand on unknown ground 

in unknown waters 

because no one taught me how;

How to swim on your own.

How to make sea level,

a height that is known.

How to push past the current; 

I never wanted to drown 

I never wanted the cold

I wanted the ocean to make me bold

But the ocean hears no sound;

It never made anything become profound. 

The ocean follows the tide 

and the tide will take you if you choose to confide. 


So, make yourself matter 

find the people who like messy minds;

explore the depths of the sea inside,

and soon enough,

you stop feeling so blind.

Don’t try to dwell,

Just kiss the ocean goodbye.


The horizon is closer now 

You can look past the ocean

To the clouds that live up above 

and the ones that stay 

will give you love.

They witness all, and know you true; 

they were dying to finally see something less blue.

I'm free from the ocean; no longer conned, 

This year I learned how to see beyond. 


 "You are more than the outcome of your situations,

Instead you are the product of your dedication."


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