Beyond the grave

Darling daughter...
I know it's too late to save you now
But I sit back and ask myself how
Am I supposed to see
When you always hid it from me?
You should have...
Seen through my lies
To the pain in my eyes.
And help me wind
Out of my dark mind.
My dear darling friend...
I think of you and want to cry
I force myself to answer why
Did you think you didn't matter
Or was it cuz you got "fatter"?
My pretend friend...
It was neither of those
Well both I s'pose
But mostly because I could feel
To you, the others were more real.
My dear whatserface...
Since we've been ten
Its been this way now I ask when
Did it change for you
To stop having fun too?
Richard(yes I know that's not your name)
It was never fun for me
I'm glad its you I won't have to see
As my angels are singing
You will be screaming.
My dear darling wonderful Kate...
I know you were sad
But I'm really quite mad.
I loved you, see?
You were all that mattered to me.
And I just let you wither away
Two seats away.
I saw the sadness in your eyes
I left you alone sulking in lies.
I wish I had put it to end--
Aww hell no! You let me sit only two seats away thinking I was unloved, unwanted.
And all that time I contemplated death you sat there loving, wanting me!
I was in pain and all that time you had the means to end it.
Of course I wouldn't trust it at first but the tiny seed of doubt would have been there and I wouldn't have left.
But now I'm dead and you want to say,
you loved me everyday.
And now we'll never know how things would end
Because you just let me go.


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