bewildered faces of facade

Sins beyond not worthy of repenting
Closed vacant lots asking for forgiveness
He went to church God couldn't or wouldn't save him fears from scars of sin that couldn't be seen was killing him from the inside out over and over stuck in a marathon with no commercial breaks.
He's breaking closing in on being broken.
Foolish questions asked about History.
It's His-Story in a color blind book
His 5 senses works phenomenal still receiving disbelief while perceived.
Why or how can he be Perceptible by the senses or through immediate experience.

He says tell me how faith & prayer works?
Did Danielle in the lions den sell his soul
For a better life?
Waiting and wanting to die just to have everything you needed or is it everything you want cause you never knew you needed it.
Some people will sign there name in there own blood.
Did greed make them do it? Did all the clichés of everything will be fine get tiresome?
The books says
"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?"
Past regrets should of changed his life choices
Losing the voice of reasoning for doing righteousness when he read how a blind man was able to see again.
Consequences of wrong doing vanshied his body follows in the foot prints of the best music the devil had inside his head now he's captivated by those same tunes.
Wondering around in the desert chasing treasures with no map.
Feeling like Jonah & the whale Jonah survived being swolled.

He didn't, his arrogance wouldn't have enough room for apologizes. Misuse showing his meager character of conduct for how he comes across. Took pride in his Rules of Ethics
Tho Do not lie. Do not deceive
Made it from a worker to a leader was humble and still failed.
Trying to find himself only got him lost more boomerangs thrown right will come back like good karma or was it stolen. What a price to pay living is
crazy. Death must be life you get everything when you dead. flowers dont carry the same value when you could smell them smile and say thank you.
All you have now is dying flowers on a dead body.
Lifes heartbreak made one's harden heart so cold & dry he change up
He asked how do you feel about your life?
Plenty times I don't even know if I want mine.
Heartless made it harder to trust
Helplessness thru experience won't even allow a preacher with a compassionate spirit of unselfish love to save his soul.
Once he switched from the light and your shadow runs into the dark. Comfortability sticks around like super glue while you search for your shadow in the dark
Don't judge his choices if you don't understand his options

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