Better to Live


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“Better to Live”


A few years ago, I was at the top of the world.

Friends all around me and a beautiful girl.

But something went missing. I was losing my ground.

I was stuck in a rut. There was no way around it.


Up until then, I hadn’t asked “why?”

I didn’t have a reason for being alive.

I went to my Father. I asked all my friends.

I went to the mountain and finally said…


It’s better to live and figure out life.

Better to take a chance at getting it right.

Better to try – to keep on moving.

How can you fail when you’re finished with losing?

It’s better to live.


The sun on my shoulders, my mother’s embrace,

A crackling fire, the wind in my face.

Feeding the hungry and looking for truth.

Loving my neighbors, educating the youth.


The beauty of existence is a state of mind.

I believe it was persistence that saved my life.

The secret to living is waking up

And using optimism to fill your cup.


It’s better to live.



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