Better Days

I am afraid and I feel alone.

There is no one and I mean no one to hold me.

I am so scared but I am so tired.

I am tired of all the BS and the hate.


Why can I just be me?

Why can’t I be happy?

I can just go it’s that easy.

Just one Bullet to the head.

Just one bottle of pills to drain the pain.

Just one rope to hang my shame.

So many easy ways to go.

But then I stop.

I stop and think about how far I made it.

Since four years old the darkness has taken over me.

You may say I was too young but no one and I mean no is too young to feel loose and pain.

All these year of torment.

You didn’t make it better.

I feel all this hate.

I wanna be numb.

But once I am numb I wanna feel again.

I came a long way.

Why give up now?

My life is just beginning.

Who cares what other people think.

They are not me.

I am the one who lives and breathes in this body.

I am beautiful.

My mistakes create my beauty.

I am not gonna waste who I am on you and your torment.

I stand here today happier than ever.

Just wait, better days do come.

And you are never alone no matter what.

Stay beautiful.

Stay you.

Please stay.

Because Darling You Will Be Okay No Matter What Happens.

You are the key to life and beauty.

Keep it that way.

Better Days Will Come.

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