Betrayal: Sexual Abuse

There was once a man,

whom I trusted,

to guide me, mentor me, and nurture me.

he wasn’t my father,

but he acted like he could be.


Words of wisdom,

words of praise,

words of encouragement,

to help me through forlorn days.


What my dad couldn’t do,

this man readily filled his shoes.

he believed in me,

spoke truth to me,

laughed with me,

made me see,

The world?  My Oyster!


I swallowed it whole,

Like a hungry fish,

hook, line, and sinker.

Attention, time, and gifts he gave,

flattered he cared,

with his pedigree and accolades.


People warned I was naïve,

saying he was too nice,

and friendly.

I ignored them all,

thinking why would he,

 hurt me?

Since all he wants is the best for me,

both emotionally,

and professionally.


One night though,

cast a pall,

on years of trust, camaraderie,

and long-distance phone calls.


Me being young and innocent,

and used to saying “yes”,

didn’t have the words to disagree,

it’s sad, but I must confess.


Beer, wine, liquor,

It didn’t matter,

His goal?  Get me sicker!


My defenses were down,

like a wounded deer,

he knew losing this relationship,

my greatest fear.


Touching me, rubbing me, seducing me,

I was numb and in shock,

 his abuse of power,

with no fear of being caught.


Kept it to myself,

Wondering why couldn’t I just say,



I left that night,

Innocence stripped,

self-esteem shot.


Years have passed,

since that time,

I’m still haunted,

by that crime.


I’ve grown up fast since then,

becoming cynical with trust,

avoiding new friends.


I question my worth, my talents,

and my capabilities,

living with this feeling,

of disgrace and lowly humility.


But forgiveness is God’s love,

despite what’s happened,

bitterness and anger,

melting like ice,

 on snow-capped mountains.


In its place? 

The glory of God’s grace,

surrounding me,

comforting me,

and lifting me,

 out of my soul’s darkest place.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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