The Best Thing That Ever Happened (to you, not me)

The first time that I met you

I had no idea that you would mean

Absolutely nothing

But curly hair and jeans.


You met me in my darkest time;

Full of anger, fear, and pain.

I thought you’d be a friend to me;

A life I thought I’d gain.


For years I trusted you;

My deepest secrets in your care

You always promised that,

No matter what, you would be there.


You were comfort on long, hard days,

A listener in the lonely night,

My protector every single time

The darkness tried to bite


You used to hold me when I cried

And with loving eyes so blue,

You told me I was beautiful

When I thought it so untrue.


We never really dated

Although you said you’d like to try.

I really started falling for you

But now I don’t see why.


Why should I be loving someone,

Someone who does not deserve

The sweet and innocent care I offered

For my heart had no reserve


All you wanted was a girl-

An item to show off.

You never really wanted me,

My life was “just too rough”.


You said I wasn’t good enough,

You took all of your words back.

Now your family hates me

And my character is under attack.


And so begins the battle:

Two people who cannot stand

The sight of one another

Or the memory of holding hands.


People come and go in life,

Promises often break;

But I never thought you’d be the one

To be so hollow and so fake


As you walk away today,

I notice something strange.

My heart no longer longs for you,

Perhaps because of the change

That’s happened in your heart and eyes

It seems you aren’t the same.


Everything is different now

Except for your jeans and curls.

You must know that you screwed up

Because I’ll always be your best girl.


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