"Best Friend"

I wanted to regurgitate at the very sight of her

I wanted to scream into the abandend night

I wanted to pound my fists onto the table

as I strained my eyes at the very sight

I had once considered her a "Best Friend"

I had given her my trust

hoping to gain acceptance

only to be spit at

 as she continued to throw ruthless words

hurtful and untrue

but even so they cut through bone and soul

Everyone says she has "changed"

but I don't believe it one bit

Don't try to fake a smile or a nice word

when you talk about my friends behind my back

Don't forget that you said numerous things to me

whether in person or online

You laugh at me

but the spite will only come back to bite you

karma is a bitch

I hope you learned your lesson

because I never intend on trusting you again




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