The Best And Worst Of A Teacher.


The shit I wish I could say to my teacher is, your class is not hard enough to be an Advanced placement class. I wish I could say, why don't you teach me on a faster pace like the college professors. If I get the one chance I would say challenge me like it's our last day on earth. I wish me and my teacher could just talk about all the things that go wrong in school and try to fix it. I would love to tell my teachers how I feel when they say my peers cannot be smart, and that we are dumb, when dumb really means lacking speech. Although I have so much to say to the teacher I just wish that the teacher really respects me in a way that all I could say was thank you for being great at what you do. In spite of all the bad things I would like to say I'm going to say good bye and they should say be the best that you can be in your future, and college career.

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