Beside You



My friend you are alone,
In a seemingly darkened place.
Eyes are weary of tears;
Whose heart is bleeding could not ease.

Will you let me sat beside you,
There is water in the land too.
For I will be waiting, I will.
To help ease the pain that you feel.

Here is a warm hand --- an offer.
Will you incline by my shoulder.
It will be your wings to your flight,
Till you are healed to your delight.

My arms --- be your blanket.
Let me wrap you on tight.
Beside you, will you let me sit;
Till the blue skies welcomes the night.

Lay in my gentle lap, will you?
In my resting bed --- as you mend
Sleep now and make your dreams come true,
While I safe guard you, till the end.

This poem is about: 
My family
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