The Beloved Land of Heroes

Bring back the old land

the one we used to be proud of

like the times we still uphold our own values

when we still care for respect for dignity

those olden days when race isn't a big deal

the black and white images of pioneers

when Filipinos are still Filipinos

and not foreigners in their own land

when we still wear our National identity

those times when we're still against cruelty to see changes

when ethnic cleansing isn't the only solution

when taking people's life isn't our last resort

coz putting the law in your hands doesn't make the country better

funny how they are now in favor of disloyalty to vows

and it's inhumane to fight for abortion to be legal

do you feel satisfied when people's blood's dripping down your hands?

people aren't in charge of others' lives

so do I

It's always a matter of choice

Others believe tyranny is the answer

others don't

while few people chose to be silent

afraid of their lives

taking away lives won't lessen the count of criminals

is that what you people want?

seeing your own race suffer and enjoy it?

This is your country

whether you like it or not

the blood of your ancestors was once shed on this land

don't focus on your own sufferings

focus on the surroundings

call them self-righteous

but you cannot change the history itself

it will never be

Rationality opened different view points

that lead to revolution

but it doesn't mean

we're free from folly

Coz even if a thousand heroes die,

in the end

It's us - who'll make the nation better.

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My country
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