Being Wanted

Sat, 03/08/2014 - 23:24 -- jerlee


Terror, my terror…

It’s making me crumble

Liquify me, making me becoming gloomy

It’s alone, it’s alone…

Walking like the walking dead

Shedding my liquid tears

Slashing through my bloody flesh

Loving this anguish burden of pain

Living life with secret

Yet I’m alone…

No one know why you're alone

Nor know if you are alone


Life is just a piece of trash

Waiting, waiting and waiting…

Flying with the wind, drifting with the nature

Until someone picks you up

And then…

And then, they’ll pick you up

Throw you away like a trash…

They did it…

Yes! They did it…


Realize this has been what you have been

A life of new care

A brand new life!

The life of being renew into a helping hand

A life of a bench where sorrow sit upon one

Where you’ll never be alone

Instead the world is base of off you

Instead you are the world of a couple terror

But, are you really not alone

When you’re the only holder of the memory…

It’s like the beginning of an untold terror once again…

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