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Luis Vargas

Screw Luis by: Luis V

I stand in front of the mirror

I see myself just standing there

Until I see the mirror version of me

There with his eyes all black 

Smoking weed 

Laughing historically looking at me

He tells me 

Come back you know you miss this weed

I mean come on with me you never had to look over your shoulder

Now you do because you got rid of me and look where it's gotten you

You want a gun to make sure your being safe 

But instead you got a knife 

You may not carry it around but you have it for protection

But come back to me Luis and you’ll be safe again

I told myself 

Nah man I’m good 

You made my life a living hell

You had me screwed up 

You had me high as hell

Yeah I admit when I had you

I never had to look over my shoulders 

And that’s because you were my dark side 

And I don’t to bring out out again 

So I have two words for you

Screw you 

I’m doing fine without you 

Really boy, you know full well your not doing well without me 

So don’t you dare start lying to my face 

You’ve always been honest with me 

And now you want to lie to me 

Boy I know you 

And you know full well your not doing well with me 

So you know you need me and I know you don’t want me but you need me

Like I need you I don’t need you

You messed up my life 

You are the dark side I have in a dang cage 

So who are you to tell me saying that I need you 

Your in a cage for god’s sakes

Well yeah let me out the cage than 

And you know you will need me so the tables have turned on you

You need me and you freaking know it 

No buddy I don’t need you 

Screw you.

new poem MVP

MVP-Most Valuable Poet


screw satan, he got nothing on you

great poem Luis

Fear not, Lord is with you-book of Isaiah

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