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This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


Luis Vargas

Keep it real by: Luis V

I try to keep it real 

But you mother truckers are fake

I spill out my guts and feelings 

I pour out my heart

The next thing you know I get backstabbed 

I get hurt 

I get doubled crossed 

You people are fake 

I try to keep it real

But you guys ruin it

But I’m going to keep being me 

I’m going to keep it real

I don’t care if your feelings get hurt

I don’t care if you take offense easily

I’m me and your you

I live my life to the fullest

You live your life to the fullest

You can go ahead smashing girls 

But I’m going to save it until marriage 

Like the Lord recommended 

I’m not a woman user

I’m not a woman abuser 

I’m not a drug dealer

I’m not a drug lord 

I’m Luis V

A christian boy 

Who tries to live life to the fullest 

Tries to walk down the narrow path 

And if your offended by who I am 

Than deal with it I am who I am

And you are who you are 

I keep it real 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Don't ever compromise what God created you to be for nobody

if folks don't accept you as a Godly young man, kick them to the curb

you have a friend in me young brother

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