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topic-show some respect

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Luis Vargas

Black hole by: Luis V 

There’s a black hole right in front of me

I admire it 

I stare at it 

I wanna get close to it 

I get close to it

I get sucked into it 

I see a whole different me while in the black hole 

I see me happy

I see me loving god 

I see me being a supporter 

But I ask myself if that’s me 

Than why am I not like that now 

The other me says 

Because you are still going through heartbreak

But I promise you

You will get through it 

You will forget about it

You will be happy again

You will not have to worry about demons coming after you again

Because you will be protected by god like you want 

You know god does love you

You might not feel like he does

You might feel like he’s abandoned you 

But he hasn’t 

Your just busy focusing on yourself 

That you forgot about Him

And I completely understand

Because I’m you

But you will get out of this whole 

You will get out of this hell 

And you will feel happiness again

You’ve been through hell and back for the people you love 

Some appreciate it  and go through hell and back with you

Others just don’t care and will backstab you 

Like they did in the past

And those friends you have to let go of them

Because they are nothing but burdens on your shoulders

And I don’t seeing you like this 

Carrying burdens that are not yours 

But you will get through this 

You will be happy again

Just trust me 

I know you have trust issues 

But you have to trust me on this 

I know you dont like dad right now 

But in the future you relationship with him will be restored

You will want to hangout with him 

You will want to talk to him

You will love him

Even though you love him now 

But you will love him even more 

You will be happy

I step out the black hole 

Feeling a wind of peace over me 

And I smile 

Then I see my angel 

And he’s like 

How was that experience?

You see trust that version of you and God

You will be happy again

Your relationship with God and your father

Will be restored and you will be happy like a little child 

I hug my angel and I tell him promise me please

He tells me I promise and he kisses me on my head 

And pats my head and tells me everything will be ok

And it will be in the hand of God

Just trust

new poem it's been hard for me to come up with one recently through out spring break but I finally came up with one today 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

peace and blessings Luis

hope all is well

you are a powerful voice to the community......did you ask your church about a forum addressing bullying, along with an open mic/talent show?

you have alot to offer young brother

this is a powerful poem

Luis Vargas

I was supposed to read my poem out loud on Friday last week about bullying for a youth service but then I couldn't go because I had a cold the whole spring break and it went away on Sunday 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

that's unfortunate you were sick, but praise God that you're better

don't let this opportunity pass by, speak to your pastor about performing for the youth service

i'll be going live tomorrow evening @ 6:30pm

Luis Vargas

Yeah, the youth service already passed but I will try to do the next one and I will try my best to go on the live because I need to focus on school because I have 38 or 39 days left until I graduate high school 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

school is top priority

graduate young brother, and go on the next stage in your young life

Luis Vargas

Yup, I already applied to Valencia community College on Saturday so after summer time I will be able to go there 

Luis Vargas

Thank you by: Luis V

Thank you for everybody in the front line

Thank you for those who are serving our country 

Thank you for fighting for our country

Thank you for fighting for our freedom

Thank you for everything you guys have done

Thank you for sacrificing your lives 

When you don’t have too

Thank you God for giving us these wonderful heroes

Not every superheroes wear capes

These superheroes we have today wear 

Scrubs, uniforms, bunker gear, masks, etc.

But we have to remember the best superhero we had

Was wearing a crown of thorns and was crucified 

With nails on his palms and his feet 

That superhero was Jesus Christ

And he’s the reason why America is the way it is today

Free, we have other heroes 

Jesus died for our sins

So thank you Jesus

We are the land of Free and home of the Braves

But I really think we should be thankful for that 

Bc we have freedom of speech, we have protection 

In other countries you cannot say whatever you want 

And depending on what you say you’ll get stoned to death

So please stop taking advantage of this 

Stop ruining our country

Bc if jesus was alive today you guys would disown him

Like he was never part of history 

Jesus created history 

Jesus is the reason why we are alive today 

Without him sacrificing himself to be crucified

I’m pretty sure we would all burn in hell

Jesus could’ve easily said nah bro, I dont have to do this for you gusy

He could’ve called an army of angels and tell them to take him back to heaven

He didn’t have to sacrifice in himself

He didn’t have to get crucified

He didn’t have to be whipped

 He didn’t have to have his flesh taken off of his body

He didn’t have to wear that crown of thorns 

So jesus is our real superhero and Thank you Jesus 


new poem

MVP-Most Valuable Poet


well said good brother.........well done

Jesus is our true superhero

you are a superhero too brother, you stand out and be different from others

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

that's a great move, continue to enhance your education

Luis Vargas

Thank you, this is a poem I plan on sharing with my youth leader to see what he thinks of it when I got to church on Wendsday if I do bc my mom is still sick she has cough attacks when she laughs or when she doesn't have her water 

Luis Vargas

Fight by: Luis V

Fight for you life

Fight for yourself

Fight your soul

Don’t let the devil take it

Don’t let the devil take over you

You gotta fight 

Fight like you’ve never done before 

Join forces with the Father 

Through prayer, reading the bible, and fasting

I know my life has been a roller coaster

Still is a roller coaster 

I know me myself need to join forces with the father

But my life wouldn’t be what it is today

Without the father 

I wouldn’t be the Luis I am today without the father 

The devil has thrown everything he has at me

There were times I was happy

Other times I was depressed

Other times I was suicidal

Other times I felt anxiety 

But I overcame every single one of those emotions 

With the help of the father 

I healed my broken heart with the fathers healing hands

I know I sitll need to give him a chance

Because I don’t want to run away from his arms anymore 

I’ve shoved God to the sidelines 

And yet he still waits for me patiently with his arms wide open

And I really don’t know why

All I know is that he is a good father and he loves 

Every single one of his children equally

The father has no favorites.

Fight for you life 

Fight, fight, fight

Do not run

Stand your ground and fight 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Exodus 14:14-be still and let God fight your battle

read that verse

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

be a blessing

let your voice be heard and encouraged

Luis Vargas

Hey I got accepted into Valencia that's the college I applied to they sent me an email today 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Congratulations young brother

God will continue to open up doors for you

continue to be an inspiration to others that come your way 

There will be challenges, but persevere through it all

when you get a chance, watch my YouTube video last night

Luis Vargas

Our world needs to change by: Luis V 

Our world needs to change

Youth killing youth

Youth robbing senior citizens

Senior citizens ask them to spare them 

But the youths decides not to and shoot them

We got police officers killing blacks and oriental people 

I swear if the hispanics are next I’m gonna have to start protesting

I’m sick and tired of these killings 

I’m Puerto Rican and I’m not ashamed 

So if the police kills the hispanics 

They are going to open hell from the hispanic community 

Our world needs to change 

Jesus is coming soon 

Youth’s think about your future 

I myself am a youth 

I’m 17 years old and I turn 18 on July 31st

I graduated high school may 20th

I start college in August 

So youth think about your guy’s future

Some of you are parents

Others are uncles, brothers, sisters 

Our world needs to change 




And I’m not ashamed to say any of this 

Get you guys act up together 

Jesus is coming

 And this is no time to be playing around

 The devil is not wasting anytime 

Collecting as many souls as he can 

I know I have to get back my soul back from him

I can’t continue living life the way I am

Worldly music, cursing everyday 

I live in sin and I know it 

I’m a hostage to sin

And in the name of Jesus Christ 

With his help I can escape this lifestyle 

This is very unusual of me to write poems like this 

Because my poems have lots of cursing usually

But I figured out that it’s God changing my heart

But Our world needs to change 

Youth stop the killing, stop the robbing, etc

Some of you guys are parents 

Think about your kids

 You wanna watch them grow up

You don’t want them to go into the lifestyle you are in now

Jesus is coming soon and I feel it

No times to play with him or the devil

The minute you play with the devil

Your playing with fire 


New poem 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

May I ask you Luis -would you be a guest on my show?

you are very insightfully thoughtful in what Jesus is showing you

you have amazing ability to impact lives of young people

would you be a guest on my show?

Luis Vargas

Morning, sorry for responding late I would love to be on your show I just have to talk to my mom about it first and when will it be? 

Luis Vargas

Satan by: Luis V

Satan is not wasting any time 

Gathering as many souls as he can

He knows his time is short

So he is not wasting anytime 

He gathered a soul recently 

The soul of Lil Nas X

With the song” Montero”

For all you guys that don’t know

Lil Nas X his real name is Montero Lamar Hill

Freaking giving Satan a lap dance 

Snaps satans neck

And puts satan’s horns on himself

Saying that he is a god 

Lil Nas X

You are no god 

You are just a lost soul

Crying for help

Your in Satan’s playground now

And he will win everytime if you don’t accept Jesus

Satan is not wasting any time

Lil nas x your shoes are over stupidly expensive

Containing 1 drop of human blood

On top of that you call the shoes the 666 shoes 

666 is the devil’s number  

Revelation 13:18 says 

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.”

Satan is not wasting anytime 

Protect your soul

Protect your life

I live in sin and I admit 

But I’m working on it

I’m working with the one who loves me

I’m praying 

I’m still not reading my bible

But I plan on getting there 

But I am praying again it may not be everyday

But it is once every 2 days 

And that’s more than how I used to pray

I would stop praying 

And pray every 3 months 

Satan is not wasting anytime 

He going to come at you with everything he got

But you have to remember Jesus is so much stronger than satan

Satan can’t control you

I know I felt like that for years 

Because I was in hands of Satan for 7 years since 6th grade

But I’m trying to get out of his grips 

I’ve come to realize that I can’t keep fighting and fighting 

Without Jesus because it’s useless

Satan is way stronger than I am 

I thought I could do this by myself 

But I can’t 

Jesus I need you 

To fight the father of lies

I need you to take my soul back

I can’t keep living like this

I never sold my soul

But the way I am living 

It feels like it

And God I need you 






New poem


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