Being Poetically Correct Part 63-new video

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This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Luis Vargas

Corona BY: Luis V


Corona a shape of a ball

With a heads of crowns

Humanity is dying

How can we get a cure

Why won’t you go away?

Why won't you leave us alone?

People always wearing masks

Everywhere they go.

Your killing us

People are dying inside

They can’t see their love ones

That are suffering inside.

People are trapped

Inside their homes

Nowhere to go.

 This goes way back, this is my very first poem and my shortest one I've made at 70 words

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's creative

it's an introduction to tell your story

remember there is a way and it's Jesus

always run to Him, and be safe-Proverbs 18:10

Luis Vargas

Black lives matter by: Luis Vargas


Black lives matter 

Stop killing these precious lives

Stop the damn police brutality

Stop the damn racial segregation

Why can’t we leave in peace and harmony

What is wrong with this world

Why are people racist as fu**

Why the hell do people hate colored people

We are all one  weather you like it or not

Deal with it stop killing these precious lives

It all started with the killing of George Floyd 


My heart aches for those families

Stop the riots

It’s only making things worse

We don’t answer back fire with fire

We answer with peace and love

I pray to God for this violence to stop

I pray to God for the policeman that killed those lives to go away

But I don’t hear a response

Please stop killing 

We gotta take these white cops off the streets.



 and this is my second poem when I first heard about the BLM movement 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

excellent poem

very well said

black lives have been killed before George Floyd; you see it upfront through close caption

it's our job to speak up/speak out, take stances, and take action

it's about working together-this poem is very thoughtful, and heartfelt

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