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This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Luis Vargas

Pain by: Luis V

What’s this pain I feel

Is there anyone out there that feels my pain

Is there anyone out there that has had 

Their heart broken as I did 

I cry every night 

I cry in the shower 

I cry before I go to bed

But I ask myself 

Why will the young youth take their own life?

They have so much to live for 

They have so much to prove

They have people to prove wrong

They have their parents to prove wrong

Prove your friends and parents that you can do it

Prove to your parents that you are not a mistake 

No matter what anyone tells you 

You have so much to live for

I met this girl yesterday 

I saw mad slits on her wrist 

And I showed her my scars on my wrists 

I grabbed her by the shoulders and said please stop

I told her I almost died a couple years ago

I almost bled to death

I almost overdosed 

So please stop if I can get through this 

You can to

Listen I know your battle is far from over 

But you gotta believe me 

You will gain victory over this shit 

You just have to believe 

I hugged her and she started crying 

I told her if you need anything I’m here for you

Just please stop cutting yourself

I lost my girlfriend from 6th grade to suicide 

It still hurts me till this day

She would’ve graduated with me in 2 more months 

But now she's 10ft below 

God showed me and told me

Anyone who kills themselves does not inherit my kingdom 

I told him but she loved you so much

But he told me she took the easy way out

Instead of the narrow path 

I told him

You have no idea what pain she was dealing with

He said actually I do

I started to cry

And god hugged me

But I told her so please stop cutting yourself

Before it gets worse 

You can cut one of your main veins and bleed to death

So I hugged her one more time and said I’m here for you


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you are a powerful voice brother

God will use you to save someone's life

be that powerful vocie to your school & community

Luis Vargas

Sick of this world by: Luis V

I’m sick of this world

I’m sick of living in this world

Why the hell is this world so cruel

Do you know what it’s like to hear why a person cut themselves 

Do you know what it's like for me to show my wrists 

To try to stop this person from cutting herself

It's hard 

My body can’t handle it

My heart can’t handle it

I’m sick and tired of this world

Do you know what it’s like for someone to tell you they got raped 

It’s hard , I want to cry

Where is god in this midst 

Where is god at 

Are you in heaven kicking back and watching this?

Do you know my heart can’t handle this

Do you know I just want to smoke again

But there's not enough drugs in this world 

To take the damn pain away 

Why are these people going through this

I’m sick of this world

Everytime I hear someone’s story

It feels like a punch to the gut 

I’ve got a broken heart 

But I also got a broken brain

 I just want to be locked up and be put away

I can’t hear these story anymore

I can’t take this damn pain anymore

I just want these people to stop cutting themselves 

Where are you god?

Where are you when these people need you the most?

It’s hard to process these things 

It's hard to ignore it

It's hard to move on

It's hard for me to get my normal life back

I’m sick and tired of this world 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you best believe God is watching and seeing everything

He heals the pain-read the book of revelation when Jesus told John-no more hurt, no more sorrows, no more pain

remember that you live in the world, but you're not of the world-very powerful statement in the Bible

while you're here, be God's ambassador and raise awareness about suicide

Luis Vargas

Yeah, but it's hard to show my scars on my wrist and it's hard to hear that my friend got raped it just doesn't feel like God is there now 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i know it's hard, but if you don't take a stand to address, how is there any progress, and accountability

trust in God young brother

Luis Vargas

Life is hard by: Luis V

Life is hard 

Life is going to throw punches at you

Life is going to hit you in the face

You are going to face trials and tribulations

You are going to question yourself

You are going to question your faith

You are going to go through depression 

You might be one of those lucky people that won’t

You are going to witness death

You are going to feel pain 

But no matter what happens 

You gotta get back up

You gotta fight

Your a fighter I know it

I’ve been down and out for the three count

But I’m still standing 

And If I’m standing

Than you can stay standing as well

You might have a bad break up 

You might have a bad relationship

You might start to question God’s existence 

I know I am

But I know he’s there

And if I know hes there 

Than I know you know he’s there 

Haters are going to come knocking at your door

You are going to go through bullying 

You might be one of those bullies 

But be careful who you bully

It might lead to someone committing sucide 

I witnessed my best friend commit suicide on live yesterday

While she was on the other side of the world 

And that shit hurts a lot 

I’m down and out now 

But I’m going to get back up on my feet

And continue fighting 

And if I can do that

Than so can you

Life is hard

Life is shit 

Life is going to give you lemons 

But you gotta make lemonade 

Life is full of all kinds of bull crap 

But just know

I’ve been bullied from grade school 

All the way till my sophomore year

And I’m a senior now and I got two more months till I leave high school

I’ve been high 

I’ve drank alcohol but never gotten drunk 

But look at me now

I’m still standing

I’ve overcome those demons 

And now poetry is my outlet 

So whatever your going through

You can get through it 

If I did than so can you

Life is hard

There’s no escaping that  


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

your ability to write your story will bring awareness to your community

be the advocate to speak about the importance of love and acceptance

for all the bad that happens, God will heal ALL things

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