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Luis Vargas

I look at me now by: Luis V

I look at me now

I look at what I’ve become

I look at me now on the balcony 

I look at my chest 

And I still see a hole inside 

I don’t see my heart

All my pains are gone

The voices in my head are telling me 

Now that you don’t feel pain

How about you slit that wrist of yours 

I scream tell them to fuck off 

But they don’t the voices get louder and louder 

I told them you see my 

You see my finger

You see my thumb

You see my fist

And then I punch them 

My demons knocked down on the ground in shock

I see my eyes turn black

I see my horns come out

I see my black wings come out of my back

Now I just start beating them out of anger 

They fight back 

Now I’m stabbed from behind 

It’s the fucking devil

I see him 

His eyes blacker than mine

I’m bleeding 

He told me to know my place

I told him I don’t have a place here

He shoved the pitchfork in deeper into my chest

My eyes starts closing 

I see a light

I walk into that light 

Just to see what my life would’ve been like if I became an angel

Now I’m dying

And heading to hell 

But I don’t give up without a fight

I punch the devil 

But it has no effect on him

He starts laughing and calls me pathetic

And finishes me off.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the devil never wins

not then , not now, and not ever

you are not pathetic. you're someone of importance that have alot to say

let poetry be the strength to release all you're feeling


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don't give up nor give in to hatred

Luis Vargas

This light of mine by: Luis V

This light of mine goes dim tonight 

Will I die tonight?

Flames are everywhere 

I see Satan

Satan's presence is so dark 

He wants me to make a reservation

My demons laugh at me

My heart is racing

Now I feel like I’m going to die

My anxiety brings me down

This light of mine goes dim tonight 

Will I be alright?

No answer tonight

Now I just  want to die

My demons and the devil are telling me

Slit your wrist 

Be like Lizzy and you might end up killing yourself like she did

I started crying, My face turned red

Now I’m mad

I slit my wrist in front of them 

They start laughing as I start screaming 

But then My horns come in

Luis Demon is now taking control over my body

Stronger than ever

He kills my demons and tells the devil

I’m the only demon allowed in this kid

And he stabs the devil

The devil in shock poofed away

My demon said to me

I couldn’t just watch you and start slitting your wrist again

So I had to do something about it

I’m sorry it had to be like this though

I told him it’s fine

I was starting to regret it the minute I started doing

He gave me hug

And he went back inside of me

For once I felt at peace with my demon

I wonder what is he up to though.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it was very compelling

listen to what you wrote

the devil wants you to slit your wrist like lizzy

my prayers is that you don't ever succomb to this

is that what lizzy wants you to do? absolutely not

she would want you to live forward......for God have great plans for you

be a testimony that can save a person that is going through something similar

be the light to someone's darkness

Jesus loves you, let His words inspire you


did you see my youtube video?

Luis Vargas

Yeah, I know she wouldn't want me to but I wrote this poem based on a dream I had last night 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it was powerful on what you were writing

it was very telling, keep lizzy's memories alive by achieving greatness, she wouldn't want you to quit

you can inspire alot of people Luis


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Luis Vargas

Thank you

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you're somebody of importance

be a difference maker in edifying people through the trials you went through

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