Being Behind The Curtain


Many kids today pull back from letting other people see their  true identity because of the judgemental and jealous people there are in the world. How many people do you know get talked about because they want to be themselves? For some people they are considered weird , if they don't act how other people want them to act and some kids are considered to be cool because they decide to want to fit in with others. Many people put on a mask because they don't want to be considered as the weird one or even the lame kid. They don't want to be talked about. No matter how much of a good personality they have they continued to keep it hidden because they're afraid of being talked about . They are afraid of being alone . They think that if they don't walk with other people they won't be notice. It also deals with having low- self esteem as well because if they don't have confidence in themsleves , then they will always feel as if they need somebody by their side to make it through. Many people wear mask so much that they actually end up becoming somebody that their not .They forget who they truly are and end having to find themselves again. Then it becomes a repeating cycle because if you continue to hide your true self , the more you will feel alone. Your not being able to show or express your feelings how you really want to because you will forget.

Their were times when i would feel the same way because I was afreiad of being talked about. I would get bullied for being smart. So with that came a lot problems. Even though I was smart i would do things that would make me get a low grade instead of all good grades. I would have low self asteem . I would also get upset because nobody liked me. I was a very sad because I felt like nobody liked me because I was really talented  and I was smart. As I got older I started to realized that the people that you thought were your friends actually aren't your friends and people will continue to talk about you because they want what you have or their just jealous . So thats when I started to care less about what people said about me and starting focusing on what was more important in my life. Instead of the negative things that people had to say about me.

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