Behind the Scenes of Justice

We all know the cops

The ones  that we look up to

The ones who are

our heroes

our saviors

our proverbial

knights in shining armor

but what of the others

the ones that work

behind the scenes

to find those

who kill

what they are

so that the cops

can bring them

to justice


are just

a few of them

the forensic psychologist

he who can

reach into

the minds

of those criminals

and find the

motive and strike pattern

the computer analyst

they that scour

cyberspace for a

digital fingerprint

the forensic chemist

those who use

what is found

at the scene

and use it

to find suspects

the forensic pathologist

this is the

guy who cuts

open the victim

and finds the

cause and hour

of death

and last

but not least

the ballistics expert

they compile information

obtained at the

crime scene

along with date

organized by the team

to find the weapon

that killed the victim

and use it

to find

the owner of

that weapon

these are the

unsung heroes of

the justice world

remember them

as you praise



ex umbris eruditio

learning out of the shadows

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