Behind my curtain

Thu, 10/23/2014 - 17:53 -- Amirah

I’m so friggin fucked up

Just can’t get out of these dumps

Just can’t get over this hump

And i need a rope

to pull me back up

Or maybe some hope

Or some luck

Or for somebody

To give a fuck

See my smile

Is a lie

It’s the mask I wear

When my soul starts to die

It’s all I can do

Not to cry

Yea I’m crying in my room

And i keep it top secret

Because I gave everybody my heart

And nobody wants

To keep it

Broken winged bird

Who was born without a chance

Little bird screams

But it’s not given a second glance

See depression

Is the oppression

That won’t let my heart be free

Stopped looking for monsters under the bed

Because they are deep inside of me

So i’ll bring this mask named smile

Everywhere I go

So I can put it on

In case the real me starts to show

Behind this smile

You can’t see I’m hurtin

Cause I hide it so well

Behind my curtain


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