Behind the Door



I encountered Death

On a day of nothing more.

He stared into my heart

Fiery eyes blazing.

Death’s look was quaint and curious,

Almost shocked to see my face.

It was then I realized, I had

Seen him in this palce.

When I was a little girl,

Dreaming dreams of happiness.

It was in this time, so long ago, that he approached my life;

But realized the time right inside a place was not this time;

Not now.

So now the years later,

Upon this midnight dreary

Death towers over me,

Like a vulture on his prey.

There was something different,

A change so suddenly.

The broken trees now swayed without a breeze.

The tall cool grass seemed to find its own direction.

The pool of water, doing nothing was its doing.

I look towards Death, to see his face,

But he had vanished from this place.

Once again, he left my loneliness unbroken.

Death had slowly walked away,

Just like the years before.

I moved silently away from this place.

The place behind the door.

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