The Beginnings of Pinocchio

Once upon a time, there was an adored puppet named Pinocchio; he was considered special amongst all the other toys and decorated accessories that has been created. Mr. Geppetto a very generous fellow, became overjoyed like the sun rising upon the horizon after crafting Pinocchio. The main thing that he wished from his heart, was for Pinocchio to transform into a real boy. (lines 1-5)


As the clock strikes twelve o’ clock in the morning, it was time for Mr. Geppetto and his pets Figaro the cat and Cleo the fish, to sleep like a log; Jiminy the cricket also needed to get some rest after wandering in the wilderness for so long. Shortly after Mr. Geppetto prays then goes to sleep, a shining star was on its way. A beautiful blue fairy glows and glistens; appearing in the room in all white smiles. With just a few words, Pinocchio awakened and it was not long that Jiminy cricket had officially become Pinocchio’s conscious because of his great knowledge, and the fairy’s faith in him. (lines 6-12)


Jiminy and Pinocchio sang and danced, as Pinocchio for the first time, has learned about conscious and how to respond when he doesn’t know right from wrong; his response is to signal Jiminy with a whistle for help. Bang, crash! Bang, crash! Pinocchio fell as he tumbled off the counter as he had both feet in individual small buckets, it woke everyone up as fear skyrockets up their blood pressure and heart rate; Mr. Geppetto, Figaro, and Cleo, suddenly worry trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. When Mr. Geppetto asked who was there, Pinocchio happily acknowledged himself loud and proud; Mr. Geppetto thought it was a dream, then automatically startled however; felt so amazed and happy that part of his wish came true. Pinocchio can interact with everyone around him whether it’s physical, verbal, or emotional. (lines 13-22)


Let the celebration begin! Music, singing, dancing, and playing, the joyous party was just the beginning. Loud and proud; only they knew how, the house became alive and excited by this new incredible sound. (lines 23-25)


The next day was the first day of school for Pinocchio. Mr. Geppetto gave him the supplies he needed for school and said his farewells with a delightful smile and squeezable hug, as Pinocchio and Jiminy also said their farewells. While they were on their way to the school, two fellows Honest John; the fox and his friend Gideon; the cat, was trying to distract Pinocchio from going to school. As Pinocchio was trying to decline the two fellows offer, Honest John and Gideon were now forcing Pinocchio to come with them by dragging him like a doll. (lines 26-32)


Jiminy was doing his best to stop them with his words, but it didn’t help much. While Pinocchio was fighting to break free, he whistled and suddenly, two bulldogs came out of nowhere barking towards the fellows as they ran away. (lines 33-36)


Meanwhile Pinocchio and Jiminy showed up to school on time, the class was filled with a lot of children, it was time for an introduction. Some of the children were afraid to speak, some were brave like solders in the army, introductions after introductions have pass, it was now Pinocchio’s turn because he was the very last. From the encouragement from Jiminy cricket, Pinocchio stood up from his seat boldly to beat his fear. He walked towards in front of the class, looked at everyone as he smiled and began his introduction. Some of the things that Pinocchio said about himself, sound surprising to some children, and a joke to a few others. But when Jiminy started to speak about the meaning of conscious, the room became silent as a mouse. The children were shocked, the teacher was impressed, the children clapped and shout “Hurray!” as class was dismissed. (lines 37-46)


Later it was evening, the scent of delicious food fills up the air. Everyone in the house knew that Mr. Geppetto’s food will taste more than good. After the food was finished cooking, everyone was enjoying their meals as Pinocchio started talking about his day. Mr. Geppetto was pleased, Figaro was pleased, Cleo was pleased, but Jiminy was proud. Furthermore, after they ate, they put on their pajamas, said their prayers, and went to bed hoping for another wonderful day. (lines 47-52)


The next day was impressive in school. Pinocchio was braver in class, even against some bullies.  He was honest to his teacher of what he did wrong such as cheating on a test, not doing some homework and explained why, and he was helpful; passing and collecting items for the teacher, and helping other students with their work. (lines 53-56)


Finally, the evening schedule was ordinary as usual, but every time Pinocchio talks to his father Mr. Geppetto about his day, it never gets old; he’s always surprised. Regardless of the good and bad that happens in life, Mr. Geppetto was grateful to have Pinocchio as his son. In addition, during the night while everyone was asleep, the blue fairy again came shining bright, as pleased as she was with Pinocchio’s behavior, she has finally granted Mr. Geppetto’s wish. (lines 57-62)


As the sun came rising and the birds flew chirping, Pinocchio felt an odd difference of himself. As soon as he realized what was happening, he shouted like a siren “I am a real boy!” He couldn’t believe it, Figaro couldn’t believe it, Cleo couldn’t believe it, even Jiminy himself couldn’t believe it; the tears of joy on Mr. Geppetto’s face was unforgettable. It was a celebration once again, singing and dancing shouting amen, the love grew stronger while Jiminy’s award began to prosper. (lines 63-68)



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