In the Beginning


When we first met

Nothing that has happened ever crossed my mind, it was just too good to be true.

I thought it would just be a vacation fling, we would go on with our lives as they were before we set seas.

There was fault in my thoughts, 

I did not realize how much we really clicked along our travels.

I should have noticed when you spent all day on a beautiful beach in honduras looking for me, 

or when you would meet me by the pool after each day at port, in just about the same spot.

I started to realize on that last day, as we spent the entire night together, 

falling asleep on the lobby couch, holding eachothers hand, 

that something great had finally happened compared to my history of pain.

It brings tears to my eyes to think that we wouldn't be if not for that ship.

Thinking I would have never found my other half, a best friend that won't leave, a man to treat me like his princess.

Someone who can see there is more to me than what is visible to the naked eye, 

knowing he won't critize about each new aspect of me that he learns.

Who knew the unexpected would be so fantastic?



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