The Begending

Everyday in my life is a battle for a better day
Only in my mind are the shackles of my yesterdays

Free to think not free to say?
Hear my ink let freedom play

Some say what's the recipe for my destiny
One day at a time next step to be the best to be
Encourage whoevers next to me
To live indefinitely

Release more records get people to see
Increase your effort on sequels to be
A story to you is life to me
Til they 5 stories up sniping me

You're the reason why I write for me
The fruit of my labor I give to thee
So take my seeds and grow a tree
And show the world there's more to see

Then fancy jays and polo jeans
Go go ratchet hoes on mezzanines
There's better things I had better dreams
Then rooting for the devil's team

Can't have demon horns and Angel wings
Can't earn a medal meddling
Melody is my medicine
In the lab I be inventing

Medicine for the sick in shipments
Brain blast invest in high tech equipment
Put words on paper make sure you meant it
Go to that confessional and vent it

Or just rent it money well spented
I recommend it advice is my incentive
Making that sound so infectious

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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