Before we started dating you told me my smile was perfect, crooked teeth and all. Yet later on you told me my smile was my biggest flaw.

Before we started dating you told me never to send nudes because that's not what good girls do. Yet when you asked and I refused you called me a prude.

Before we started dating you were willing to stay up with me when I couldn't sleep a bit. Yet after awhile you would fall asleep early so you didn't have to deal with my shit. 

After we dated you left me with mental scarring that has never healed. Everytime I hear your name it feels like a bandaid being peeled. 

After we dtated I got this voice in my head whenever I meet someone new, don't let him in he is just going to hurt you again. 

After we dated I stopped believing the lies you told me and started thinking on my own. 

Now my self love has grown. 

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