Bedroom Thoughts


. . . As of now I'm sitting here in my bedroom thinking

Of the truth behind the lies and the games

 It's such a shame that I'm hurting deep within of the bones that hold my frame

What is there to do now but to wait . . . .

Wait until he calls back if he ever does or is it over . . .

Over because what was done in the dark came to the light

or is it already in the light and you just made it clear

Well I know we can do a lot better

I know you say you understand

but do you see the pain in my eyes?

Do you see the pain roll down my face or . . .

Are you blinded by the thought of lust or another love?

What's holding you back from dispersing these feelings

I see there's anger building up inside your voice but you don’t wanna say

Tell me . . . I wanna know I don't know what gods got in store for us

Whether it’s bad for now and good for later or

good for now or bad always

We are full of trials and tribulations

If we can’t make it thru the tests then we never will

So let's be honest here to see if we can really make it

If we can’t make it then we are weak as one,

Or we are becoming weaker everyday until we can no longer stand

on the rocks that our feet are planted upon.

Let's build our trust, our honesty, our strengths and our love on these rocks

And let's let our lies, our anger, and our doubts slip off the rocks and into the river

in which the rocks stand and into the whirlpool to be destroyed

I love the way we are but I know it can be better.

Let's both put forth the effort to make this right

In an academics test I might not be so bright

but a test involving my love for the one love and the one I am in love with

is a different test that I must ace

This is a test I'm fighting thru . . .  Are you?


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