Becoming the Third Parent

Times have changed

First, it was getting only myself ready

For the long days at school

Brushing my teeth and getting

My breakfast

Waiting for my dad

To take me to school

Times have changed

First, it was only making sure that

My homework was done

So I could go outside and play

With the friends I had grown up with

Times have changed

First, it was doing simple chores

To help out my family

And to get along with my brothers

Times have changed

Now it is getting my brothers

Ready for their school day

Making them breakfast

and driving them to school

When I have barely enough time

To prepare myself

Now it is making sure I have a

3.9 GPA

And money in order to go out

With the friends I made

After my old ones died or

Became addicted to drugs

Now it is having a job to support

My family, not just help them

Pay for the bills, the gas,

And everything I need without the

Help of my parents

To make sure that my brothers never

Have to support themselves

The way I do

Teach and take care of my brothers

Drive them and give them money

When they need it

Times have changed indeed

The third parent is what I have become

Now that my childhood has left me

For the responsibilities

That I had to take up

What will they do when I have gone

And they have to once again be parents

I wonder?


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