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Words can be bittersweet

Like watching rain from the window seat.

They remind me of some better times 

But a lot of poetry is reading between the lines, 


Because poetry makes as much sense as a midnight sunrise.


I can tell you the hell I’ve endured;

Show you the scars of my past if you prefer.

To find comfort in a word or phrase 

Thats warmer than a cup of tea on Sundays,


Because poetry makes as much sense as 366 days.


Are others out there feeling the same? 

Not excepting the world to fit into a picture perfect frame? 

It would eat me alive if no one understood 

The scribbles on my paper about growing into adulthood


Because poetry makes as much sense as torched firewood. 


I cant say why I write what I do, 

But I can say it holds me together like imaginary glue. 

It fills the empty seams, 

Like nuts and bolts in a mechanical machine 


Because poetry makes as much sense as 21st century teens.


Writing it down connects every thought in my head

Allows me to forgive the boy that was a real dickhead.

And I can breathe in deep without my head tempting to collapse in,

the ink sets and everyone can read me from within 


Because poetry makes as much sense as a cage made of safety pins. 


Those safety pins,

21st century teens,

Torched firewood,

And 366 days

All make sense to me when I’m reading and writing poetry.

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