Because I thought I loved you

I thought you were the one, but I was wrong 

I thought you were able to bring me down the stars and the moon, but I was wrong 

I thought you loved me, but I was wrong

You meant the world to me man, why?

I had you in a pedestal and you made sure to flip me 360 degrees and stomp on me

You were the one I opened up to emotionally and you used my words against me

You tried manipulating me and I fell head over heels for you, man was I wrong

I thought I loved you, but it is you that never loved me

All I asked for was loyalty and your utmost respect and you couldn't do that

I asked for a healthy relationship, but hurting me was a part of your evil plan 

Manipulator, traitor, liar, disrespectful, naive, coward... that's what you are!

You would yell at me for no apparent reason, demand that I speak to you 

And when you didn't get your way you'd cry and victimize yourself come on!

A healthy relationship should be understanding, but I was putting 50% and you 0

I was willing to put you first and myself last because I thought I loved you 

But I was wrong, you're gone and I'm left here meditating how dumb I was

I thought I loved you but you were the devil in disguise you drew me in 

I thought I loved you, but I was wrong

#BecauseIloveyou didn't mean anything to you but it meant the world to me

You're the reason why I have trust issues, the reason why I can't open up

YOU! Only you I was wrong and I admit it. 


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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Truly powerful! Keep sharing keep sharing! The world needs your expression! Keep sharing your life your mind your heart!

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