Because I Loved You

Because I love you, I've let you in so many times 

Maybe I was wasting my time

Young boys misusing the word "love"

They think they know what it means

But it's clear they just want one thing 

Why did I waste my time 

Sending those late-night ghostly text replys 

Getting sucked into a deep hole of empty promises and sweet nothings 

It's close to midnight, I need some sleep

Thinking I'm the one that you need, I had a dream I branched out and finally followed my dreams

I don't wanna be your late-night snack

And maybe you shouldn't come back 


I can still hear your breathing 

I can still hear your lies 

Between the soft whisper of my thighs 

Maybe I'm wasting my time, but I give you my time 

I think you're a nice guy 

I don't want to get hurt so I put my trust in you 

Give him a chance, what's the worse he can do 

When I just wanna talk, you ignore 

When I just wanna walk, you run

I want you to know you don't have that power over me anymore 

And when I see you creeping up in my life again 

Wanting to start over

I'll just put the phone down, give you the cold shoulder 

Because I don't want to get hurt again

Still feel pain, a lil sore 

It's two in the morning, haven't we been through this before 

Heart closed off, I didn't need the pain 

Lately I've been feeling all alone 

No stranger in my bed, I can finally call it home 

Because I love you, I let you play me for a fool 








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