Because I Love(d) You

Because I loved you,

I did everything in

My power to make you happy,

Even if it meant draining the light

From inside of me.


Because I loved you,

I walked on eggshells in

Fear that I would say the

Wrong thing—I’m sorry,

Please don’t be upset.


Because I loved you,

I hid myself away

Because you didn’t like my

Friends; Only you were

Good enough for you.


Because I loved you,

I believed you when you

Called me those terrible things;

I found my worth in you and

Loved myself the way you loved me—

I didn’t.


Because I loved you,

I let you change me

Like I was your doll.

But you don’t love a doll;

You own it.


Because I loved you,

I learned more about

Myself and I learned how

Not to be loved.

Thank you.


But now, there is a new love

Who loves me better;

I love you.


But you don’t understand

How the person you knew before

Became so…



“Why do you cry thinking

You aren’t good enough?

Why do you always think

You disappointed me?”


I ask how it’s possible for

Someone to be as perfect to me

As you are and you simply say

“Because I love you...


Because I love you,

The past loves that turned

Into obsessions and regrets

Will remain in the past


Because I love you,

You can find solace in my embrace;

Let me provide a blanket of safety

Through which the world cannot break.


Because I love you,

Let me show you what it

Truly means to be loved.

You are not a doll.


Because I love you,

I know that you are not perfect,

But let me show you how

Perfect you are to me.


Because I love you,

You don’t have to walk on

The eggshells that your past laid out

For you. Stop apologizing.


Because I love you,

I will lift you up when you fall

Under the weight of your

Own thoughts; Fall into me.


Because I love you,

I will help you grow into

The beautiful person that you

Want to become,

Even though the person you are now

Is far more than I could ever ask for.


Still, you hesitate to tell me

You love me because

You don’t know if I will

Mean it when I say it back.


You thank me for the simple

Things that any person should do

And now I know that it’s because

They didn’t love you.


But I do...”


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