Because I Loved You

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 10:18 -- Dork

I was told never to care what other people say,

I was told never to think about mindless things,

I was told never to lose control

Too bad, I've done all those things

I have cared for what a single person has said

I have thought of mindless things

I have lost control

All for the same person who told me not to

Is this love? 

To disobey reasoning

To show light on a dark subject

To live enough to be real

Is it love to hate me for it?

To look upon me a scowl as if I'm unfished work

To turn you noes in disgust like I am below you

If you would only look closer you'd love me like everyone else

If you believed, you see me like everyone else

But, because you told me to never care about what people think

I shall ignore them to

Isn't that what love is?

As you see me, I shall see myself

Even if it's wrong

Isn't love sacrifice?

Because I have sacrificed who I am to be what you want

And I now fear my love is not enough

Because you do not look at me with love like I thought you would

You do not see me but, see a mess 

Your the only person in the world that has ever matter

And in this moment you look to me like a village rat

If the only person in my world cannot love me

How can I love myself?




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