Because I Loved You

To you, I gave the world,

Yet to I, you saw no such need.

Under the worst of circumstances, we met,

I, being a mess bent on self-destruction, and you, a loner.

To you, I gave you my world,

Yet to I, you gave just a speck of dirt.


Upon our anniversary, it became clear to me the truth.

Whereas I loved you fully,

You loved me not one bit.

Forced unto you, you thought me as a dog.

Your hands held my leash, and you tied it tighter with each betrayal.

You left me worse than you met me.


Upon one year past our separation, I came to realize

Why it was that we didn't work out.

You were not right for me

Nor was I right for you.

You led me on, 

And upon realizing the futility of saving me from myself,

You ditched me.

You made me think I was worthless.

You put me down, and hurt me beyond repair.


To you, I no longer give my blessing,

And to I, you no longer give affections.

It is better this way.

I no longer hurt because of you,

And you no longer must pretend to love me anymore.

We were toxic, 

Yet from you, I have learned

What a healthy relationship is.

It is not what we had.


To you, I dedicate the next year of therapy,

And to I, you've opened my eyes.

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