Because I Love You

It's hard.

Looking at you in the mirror.

Looking at myself.

What others think of you,

Runs through your head.

What your mother thinks,

What your father thinks,

What your grandparents think...


But it's okay.


Be kind to yourself.


You're beautiful.

You're funny.

You're smart, so smart.

You have beautiful blue eyes,

And lovely hair.

And a big heart.


Why do I say this?

Because I love you.

Yes... I do love you.

But I hate you sometimes.

I hate being you sometimes...


But mostly, I love you.


I just get frustrated.

There's so much we haven't done yet.

So much we wish to accomplish.

And we get tired so easily.

And saddened. Upset.



But I love you. 

I love how you write.

I love how stubborn you are.

I love how you take up for yourself,

For your friends.


I admire you. I love you.

Even if it sounds prideful,

Or silly,

I love you,

But I love who you'll become more.


As much as I hate being you sometimes,

I love you all the more. I love our passion,

Our drive.

We can do this.




Because I love you,

Because we're strong,

Because we're us.

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