#Because I Love You

Ever wondered why I take the hit you give

Or why I have suddenly lost the will to live?

Have you ever thought of something besides yourself

or ever helped anyone when their help was due?


I know you've never thought of those things

Cause in pride, you keeping flapping your wings

not looking where you came from or where you're going

But in ignorance, flying where the wind is flowing.


Most times you're wrong and really know you are

You never apologise, rather stare at the lone star.

Though it hurts real bad I don't really complain

because I love you and that, I want to maintain.


When you go out I know you'll always come home

because the bee never loses it's way to its comb.

Though when you come back you're always drunk

I'm always there to help you out of the truck.


All day I always wish our love could be different

At night I wish it filled our room with a good cent

I keep waiting and waiting, not knowing how long

plus I still wonder how this will end, just like a song


There is nothing I wouldn't do to make us better

But all my attempts only makes it more bitter.

The problem is that you really don't care

You don't even want to know if your actions are fair.


Love is not easy that's why it's called love

it's not even easy to own, just like a dove.

So don't say you love me when you do not

Better, say that for my love, you never fought.


Okay, I'm really done with long talks

That's not how real love should take it's walks.

I'm going to let you figure this out someway

maybe you will come to your senses one day.


Moses Abasiene. 09/28/17

Dedicated to Relationship problems

#because I love you


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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