Because I Love You


United States

Because I love you, I want you to do well in school. Did you sleep well last night, did you eat enough food?

Because I love you, I missed you last night. But missing you reminds me I’m one lucky guy.

Because I love you, I want you to be content. And when you’re feeling down wear the shirt with my scent, bury your head in my chest when you need to cry and vent.

Because I love you, I want you to feel pretty. More gorgeous and eye-catching than lights in a city.

Because I love you, can you hold my hand? Give me the feeling of comfort only we understand.

Because I love you, tell me about your day. Are your friends being nice, are you feeling okay? Because I love you, I love the real you. No need for makeup or a special hairdo.

Through your good days and days your blue, I’ll always be there, because I love you. 


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