Because I Love You

From the day we take our first breath to the day we take our last,

The words,“I love you” are used to show captivation of the heart.

Your Mother once whispered into your small ears,“I love you”

As she soothingly bathed your soft skin while the steamy bathroom is filled

With your charming contagious laughter that soon made her involuntarily laugh too.

Your closest friend may have once said,“I love you” as the salty stream of tears ran down your face,

One by one blurring your vision and movements faltering slowly

As your mind elongates on the person you once thought cared about you, has now proven otherwise.
Constantly hearing “I love you” being thrown around begin to make me ponder and ask myself, “What is love?”


After hearing those words repeatedly. I became numb.

Those simple three words —eight letters used to give me this outburst of tingling sensations that vibrated through my body traveling to my heart.

But that feeling soon drained out and numbness took over filling its place.

Now everytime that, “I love you” slipped from the mouths of those in my surroundings, I am immune.

I was lost, drowning in sorrow and slipping away. Alongside me, as I drowned was the feeling of love and

With each attempt of grasping it, the more I sunk deeper and deeper, losing my breath, and at last myself.


It wasn't until you, I begin to see not just what love meant, but what it felt like too.

Ever since the day that I met you, I knew from then on you were the one that I dreamed about.

How we met is a story I can forever reminiscence about and tell our children who will tell theirs.

I found love. I did it.

It was so unbelievable and unexpected but your love showed me that pain is only temporary.

Now every time I look into your eyes I feel a tingle of aspiration and I ask myself,

“How did I become so blessed to have you grace my presence?” It is then I knew you were sent by God.


Whenever you kiss me or even something as simple as waking up to your glorious smile makes it makes me feel  

Grateful that you belong to me and I will forever belong to you.

You pulled me out of the sea of desperation and helped me to feel alive again.

You revived my spirit that was once diminished by hurt and loss, leading me to a feeling of happiness for eternity.


Everywhere I go I want you here leading me to paradise and surrounding me with your love and energy.

Yes, I know I am a mess but I am very blessed to be with you.

Our love is not perfect and might not always be a fairytale but love from you is all I desire.

I will not let us fail, call it quits, or give up on us no matter how difficult it possibly maybe.

If I make any mistakes I vow to never repeat them.  If I could, I swear to you I would never hurt you,

But again I’m not perfect and I know sometimes I do wrong but you continue to love me for who I am.

I try my hardest to complete you just as much as you complete me because I love you.


You are my sanctuary; my safe place.

The person I know who won’t turn and leave even when everyone else has abandoned me.

When words of love drip from your soul rolling off your tongue a burst of fire is ignited inside of me.

The way you make me smile and accept my beautiful imperfections.

You fulfill all my needs physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

The way you are gentle with me as we make love.

The way you hold me when I can’t even hold my own self up.

The way your eyes light up when you take a glance at me.

The way your smiles curves when you laugh, all the little things I notice because I love you.


“Why are you so good to me?”, is what I ask myself as I blankly stare at the ceiling in the night

As I lie in your arms listening to your soft snores that have become a sweet melody to my ears.

Oh, you don’t know how blissful it feels when you hold me and kiss me slowly, whispering sweet nothings in my ears that I will forever cherish.

Your vulnerability is what I admire the most; your willingness to give your all to me.

I never question your love because you value me more than I sometimes value myself.


Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night making sure your warmth still fills the bedroom;

And if you are really there and not just a figment of my imagination.

Every second, minute, hour, and moment spent with you,

I cherish dearly never taking time for granted.

For all we know, we only have an unknown limited time together before you go.

And tomorrow may never come, so love me tonight, love me until the day is bright.

Before you are sent back to rejoice with the Lord in the Gates of Heaven,

But I too will soon after meet again, with you, my love.



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