Because I Love You

You ask for clothes, jewels, and shoes

Say I'd buy them if I loved you

You say when it's my turn to speak, you'll give me a cue

And I should listen because I love you 

What's mine is yours, and what's your's is your's too

But that's ok with me because I love you

You berate and oppress, tell me I'm no good for you

I can take it though because I love you

But as it happens, I have met someone else

Someone who forces me to believe in myself

Someone so kind, so gentle, and soft

Staying always with me, never seeming aloft

Pushing me forward and making things better

Healing the wounds that with you just fester

Guiding me to be the best me there could be

Helping me to see things that before went unseen

I deserve better than you lead to think

And I won't let you weigh me down to sink 

Someone who helps me whenever I call

Promising to never allow me to fall

They do so much to help me get through

When asked they say, "Because I love you."

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