Because I Love You

You picked me up when she turned sour

Your sweet friendship was the candy we consumed on Halloween

Not given, but chosen and cherished

We're like the same person

Like two people in a crowd

Separated but brought together again by friendship

You build me up

Cheer me on

You're like my own personal cheerleading squad

Praising my novice eyeshadow application,

While you're at master level

Thinking of our friendship,

I get a feeling of happiness and warmth

Like the feeling of fuzzy socks applied after a cold outing

When others are cold... icy and crude

You warm my spirits like hot coffee in the bite of winter

Strong, pure, and necessary

Though I've separated from others this year

Saying my goodbyes before I leave this town

I know I will think of our endless laughs

The tears shed because of humor,

And I know you may be the only one I talk to after this separation

And that is more beautiful than the fall sun shining through autumn trees, 

Grainy, soft sand between toes on summer beaches,

The smell of wildflowers in the cool spring air,

And even more beautiful than the blanket of snow, gently laying upon the damp grass.

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