Because I Love You

Because I love you

I whisper prayers

To the smoke as it rises

To the Heavens,

To you.

Because I love you

I place this tobacco

Upon the wet earth

And ask that it give

Some sign

You are well.

Because I love you

I try to believe

That there is something beyond

This plane.

Because I love you

I promise myself

Everyday I will honor

Your memory.

I speak of you often.

I remember you

In the dead of night.

Sometimes I swear your 

Hungry cry is awakening me,

Begging me to raise you

From the cradle

And whisper that you are safe

As you guzzle down milk

Until falling asleep again.

Then I recall the morning

That the cries

Were not yours,

Just the broken sound

Of her wailing.

The sound of a mother

Who knew

She had lost her baby.

Because I love you

I am trying to forget that night.

Because I love you

I am trying to be strong.

This poem is about: 
My family


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