Because I Love You

A smile on my face even when it hurts to make it happen

A ache in my heart , not knowing why it's happening

A broken mind,trying to holding on to every piece

pain and anger  is the only things escaping me

I was down and felt every pound on my back

As the pounds gained, my bones would crack

Couldn't find any reason

A reason for living

See I was depressed

depressed to where I wanted the days to end

Depressed to where I spent my time looking at the clock

wondering when the pills are gonna kick in

and when will my heart stop

Every solution in my mind wanted me dead

Like every hope I had for myself

Tears overload my face as I look into a mirror at a broken soul

Feeling worthless

with a razor, slicing my arms

Questioning myself, like "why are you here?"

As music is playing in the background

I hear ... I hear these words from a song

“I'll be alright, be alright
I'll be doing fine
Be alright, be alright
Just go with the tide, you'll be alright, be alright”

Might not touch many but it touched me the most

A song that helped my soul heal 

A song that lead me to recovery

A song that helped me smile through my tears

I began to stop having a hate for my life

I began to cherish it

I began to smile

I began to grow

I began to realize my love for myself

Because I love you

Because the words that was said brought me to my peace

Because I became a solider instead of weak

Are the reasons I stand today, alive.

Because I love you, I listen to you everyday

Because  I love you, I grew

Because I love you, I thank you, music






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