Because I Love You

My love is your mattress without the sheets as we lay barechested on the floor

because you just don’t trust it because it came with your apartment

and who knows who's been on it doing what?


My love is buying pillowcases from target that you say are too floral but you use them anyway.


Your love is listening to crime podcasts when I’m in the passenger seat

because you know I want to know who killed Jonbenet Ramsey,

as ridiculous as it seems,

and because I want to know how to save us from dying.


Your love is socks folded in my drawer.


My love is my legs across your lap and my head back in laughter.

You once told me that I reminded you of Pennywise when I smiled

and I laughed and called you Freddy Krueger.


My love is loud shouts across your apartment reminding you to grab a water

before you go.


Your love is tapping my knee to teach me morse code,

and me, laughing,

realizing you don’t even know it.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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