Because I love you...

Because I love you 

I've somehow seemed to forget to love myself 

Placed all devoted enery of being a better me

To lie like an overlooked book on a crowded shelf 

My needs come second while yours take the place of first

The excuses I've made do nothing but seem to eat away at my worth. 


These habits I've aqcuired of letting you do me any kind of way

Like say you love me but have your actions deviate from what you say 

Feeling used and abused but ultimately confused each and everyday 

But because I love you I let you be the pilot to my tail spinning plane

I look for something I thought I used to have 

But its clear to see we reached a fork in the road and you've chose your path


Because I love you 

I realize I have to love myself as much

Because loving you more is unhealthy and puts me in a rut

I set the standards of the type of love I choose to keep

I can't grow a garden full of beautiful healthy flowers 

When the soil is not condusive 

Showers of attention and care will aid in my growth

Dedication is time well spent into things we care about 

Why hold onto polluted energy when we can just air it out

Honestly trust the process and be rewilling to plant 

We are like gardens growing an abundance of flowers

Because I love you 

I won't give away all my power




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