Because I Love You...

Fri, 10/27/2017 - 04:37 -- Nneomak

Because I love you,

Emptying out my heart to you doesn’t seem as scary,

Caring and loving you comes with ease,

Adoring you comes naturally,

Understanding that there are going to be difficulties along the way is okay,

Staying up with you so you don’t fall asleep is worth it,

Embarrassing moments do not seem so embarrassing anymore,

I feel like I can be myself around you,

Living in your world has made mine so much brighter,

Opening up to you about my hardships lessons the burden,

Venting and laughing about the day is what I look forward to,

Evolving into strong-minded independent individuals is what I aspire for us,

You respect me and I respect you as well,

Overcoming the hurdles are worth it,

Upholding myself to be the best person I can be becomes easy,

Because I love you, I better myself

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