because i love you i will

let you be your own and myself mine,

rather than suffocating you-

while we may be made of the same star dust

you are a planet all your own and i am but a neighbor.


because i love you i will

nurture your growth as it occurs naturally

rather than cut away your wilderness in order to form you into someone else-

if i cannot appreciate your beauty as you are now,

then what place have i walking into your orbit?


because i love you i will

acknowledge when things may happen to be too much

rather than ignoring the alarms behind your eyes-

our trade system will be that of an equal give and take

instead of you only giving and me only taking.


because i love you i will

listen to you openly

rather than merely waiting for my turn to speak-

your words often shake the very foundation of my soul

and allow me a glimpse into your world.


because i love you

i will not whisper sweet nothings into your ear to get what i want,

i will not make a fist out of the hand that holds your heart when things don’t go my way,

i will not twist and pull at the pieces of you i have wrapped around my finger,

i will not bend and break your bones to mold you into a shape that better fits me.


because i love you i will

leave you gratified

rather than

robbing you of your



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