She loves him because he trusts her fight her own battles but still stands silently behind her, always ready to help but only if she wants him to.

She loves him because he listens, listens when she wakes up crying at night, sobbing out incoherent sentences about her fears; and holds her, holds her when she can’t talk, but he knows that she needs to know that she's loved.

She loves him because she knows he will keep on respecting with her stubbornness on fighting her own battles, he would wake up at the crack of dawn to soothe her fears, he will keep on holding her, loving her because he loves her.


Because love should be about respecting your partner’s decision, supporting them through their beliefs and not trying to change them.

It should be about loving them in even in their darkest hours, even when they are at their ugliest and most vulnerable, and keeping that part of them safe from judgement.



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