The Beauty Of Love's Chaos


Love are you, man's greatest gift or his cruelest joke. 

You force us to bare our heart in unknowing bliss, to be sacrificed in your mighty fall.

Neither the wise nor the strong can challenge your might.

Did father create us to be freed by you or imprisoned? 

Your manacles chain me to delusions.

And force my protective walls to crumble.

Showing all my vulnerability weakness.

But for you I will smile as I move mountains, pebble by pebble.

For you I will sing as I hear, even my own bone crack and tear through me.

For you I would, give my soul and engulf myself in the mighty flame.

No matter how far from my choosing...because in truth, that is my instinct. The deeper I fall, the more your gravity pulls.

For that reason, in all seriousness, I hold you an enemy in my eyes.

And my dearest friend. My armor may stand no equivalent of your power.

But my coldness shall fend you off...for now.

How can I sacrifice my sanity, for your foolery?

When in truth you hold your captives in bliss filled states,

until the day of you choosing,if every at all.

A fork night of blissful ecstasy, for ten century's of torment.

How beautiful a trade? Yet so many still make such a faust.

So I wonder.... Will you to take my hand, one day, for a jump greater than all so forth.

Blowing away my armor, no matter how resilient, after it gets just to heavy to bare.

Will I give in, unknowingly to you deal? Oh...what a dream, a beautiful dream.

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